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Where can Artificial Grass be installed?

 Our preferred quality Artificial Grass can be installed on almost any surface. Existing lawn replacements, concrete, pavers, tiles, timber decking, asphalt, balcony and rooftops are just some of the examples.

Which areas in Cape Town does GoTurf Service?
We are centrally based in Century City but we service the greater Cape Town area. This includes Paarl, Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Strand and Gordons Bay.
Your Title Goes How much maintenance will my Artificial Grass Lawn need?
Short answer – almost no maintenance! General cleaning with a broom or rake for blown in debris or a leaf blower is all that’s needed to ensure that your Artificial Lawn stays clean. A little more attention is needed if you have pets.
Will my Artificial Lawn drain water away?
Yes, it will allow for excellent drainage. Our Artificial Turf has a porous backing and our crusher dust base allow for drainage.
Is Artificial Lawn child-friendly?
Yes, we have surfaces that differ in pile height. The taller the pile the softer the lawn or you may choose a short pile surface for ball games. 
Is it Pet-friendly?
Yes, we have a Pet-friendly option. Our Pet-friendly Artificial Grass has an extra porous backing, perfect for draining away waste and great for a more rigorous cleaning.
How long will my Artificial lawn last?
Our Artificial Grass will last 10 years if heavily used in a sport or retail environment and could last twice as long if used in a leisure environment.
Will your Artificial Lawn fade?

No, all our products are UV stable. 

At GoTurf we believe in supplying the great products that are specifically suited to any need and installing these products with a professional finish.


TEL: 067-407 1843