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At Goturf we specialise in the supply and installation of high-quality Artificial Turf. Combining our expertly sourced Artificial Grass with our other landscaping products and services is a sure fire way to transform your property into the Oasis you have always dreamed of!


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Artificial Grass is a great alternative to natural grass. The benefits of using our products include: 

  • Artificial Grass is the best lawn covering for any property in a restricted water area, an arid environment or one where there is little natural light are examples.
  • Artificial Grass is much tougher than natural grass and can withstand a much higher traffic impact.
  • Very low maintenance is required compared to natural grass
  • Our Artificial Grass is eco-friendly as it saves water and is recyclable.
  • Suitable for almost all areas.
  • No mowing, no watering, no pesticides, no fertilising
  • Our Artificial Grass is child and pet friendly.


Paving and other landscaping cement products.

  • With options ranging from Concrete, clay and natural stone pavers, exposed aggregate, retaining walls and clay pavers there is no need to look elsewhere for your paving services.
  • Utilising our years of expert landscaping services allows us to seamlessly integrate your paving with lush Artificial lawn and stunning exposed aggregate finishes.


Combining our products is a sure fire way of achieving the exterior finishes that you have always wanted for your property.

  • Contact us for a free property evaluation and get some expert advice now!


Eco-Friendly Composite Decking

  • A perfect product to compliment your new year-round green garden.
  • Specially designed for the harsh African conditions.
  • The best alternative to using hardwood for your deck.


Aluminium awnings are simply the most attractive, affordable and effective improvement you can make to your home  

  • Our Aluminium Awnings are made fro 100% Aluminium and stainless steel. This means it will never rust like steel awnings and won’t warp like wooden awnings.
  • We offer the adjustable loover Awning roof as well as the fixed IBR Awning Roof.
  • All our awnings feature our state of the art guttering and drainage systems.
At GoTurf we believe in supplying the great products that are specifically suited to any need and installing these products with a professional finish.